Iberville's Salute to Veterans

Iberville Parish President J. Mitchell Ourso, Jr. has long respected and admired the service and sacrifice of our country’s veterans. After he was elected Parish President, he committed to doing more to honor local veterans. Through his leadership, the support of the Iberville Parish Council, and a generous donation from the Dow Chemical Company, the parish constructed a beautiful, moving veteran’s memorial.

The award-winning Veteran’s Memorial was dedicated in grand style on November 11, 2021 with a parade and performances and a moving ceremony.

Each Veteran’s Day since 2008, Iberville Parish has continued the tradition of honoring veterans at the site through Iberville’s Salute To Veterans event.

To learn more about the award-winning Iberville Veteran’s Memorial, click on the picture below.


Military Supply Collection

Every year, Iberville Parish teams up with St. John Interparochial School 4th and 5th graders to collect and send needed supplies to U.S. military troops overseas. St. John students are on hand at the Iberville's Salute to Veterans event to collect supplies.

Please bring any of the items listed below:

 • Lip Balm   • Sunscreen lotion (in tube) 
 • Medicated foot powder   • Insect repellent (non aerosol) 
 • Shoe inserts   • Hand warmers 
 • Antibiotic ointment   • Trail mix 
 • Anti-itch ointment   • Popcorn 
 • Muscle pain ointment   • Cracker Jacks 
 • Eye drops   • Hot chocolate 
 • Eyeglass wipes  • Powdered drink mixes for individual
    water bottles 
 • Mouthwash   • Powdered Gatorade 
 • Toothpaste   • Coffee/tea 
 • Deodorant (non aerosol)   • Beef jerky (no pork) 
 • Miniature toilet paper rolls   • Slim Jims 
 • Feminine hygiene products   • Chewing gum 
 • Shaving cream   • DVDs 
 • Disposable razors   • Crossword puzzles 
 • Body wash/soap   • Skin lotions 
 • Baby wipes   • Room fresheners 
 • Shampoo   • Pencils/pens 
 • Scrubbies   • Small notebooks 
 • Q-tips
 • Hand sanitizer 

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