Permits and Inspections

The top priority of the Iberville Parish Permit & Inspection department is making sure all new construction projects in the parish are safe. The Department regulations and policies follow the International Building Codes. For more information on the International Building Codes, please visit Also, the Permit & Inspection Department is required by FEMA to enforce flood zone management. You can learn more about flood zone hazards by visiting Fema.

  • Assign physical addresses for new construction
  • Conduct inspections during construction
  • Issue building permits
  • Flood plan administration
  • Enforce grass cutting ordinances
  • Enforce abandoned/dilapidated building & vehicle ordinances
  • Issue special permits

General Info

How to obtain a Building Permit

Iberville Parish requires that a building permit be issued for all new construction and major remodeling done inside the parish, with the exception of the City of Plaquemine, which has its own Permit Department. If the project is being contracted, the contractor must provide a copy of the contractor license. If the property owner is doing the work, a homeowner’s affidavit must be filled out. This affidavit can be obtained at the Permit & Inspection Department, located in the Parish Council Office on the second floor of the Iberville Courthouse on Meriam Street in Plaquemine.

Steps in obtaining a new Construction Building Permit

A physical address must be assigned to the proposed site by the Permit & Inspection Department. The Parish Utilities Department must be contacted for sewer tie-in to a community sewer system. The phone for the Utilities Department is (225) 687-5152.

The contractor of property owner must bring a copy of the floor plans and the property description to the Permit & Inspection Department. If needed, a property description can be obtained from the Iberville Parish Assessor’s Office by calling (225) 687-3568.

If the property is located in a flood zone, a copy of the flood elevation is required. This elevation must be certified by a state licensed surveyor.

After the new construction permit is issued, it must be faxed to the Utilities Department.

Temporary power will be allowed once the Utilities Department signs off and the Building Inspector has made the first inspection. The first inspection is performed before the slab is poured. Additional inspections are performed before the walls are insulated and when final power is requested.

Final power will not be released until all required permits for electrical, mechanical and plumbing have been issued.

Special Note on Commercial Construction

Before any commercial construction can start in Iberville Parish, approval from the Louisiana State Fire Marshal must be granted. Information on the State Fire Marshal is available by going to the following website: Louisiana Office of State Fire Marshall.

Additional Info

Grass and Weed Trimming


Sec. 11-1. Trimming of weeds and grass; notice to cut; causing to cut and collecting of cost.

(a) It shall be unlawful for the owner of any lot located in a recognized subdivision outside of the municipalities in Iberville Parish to permit and allow to remain upon said lot, any grass or obnoxious weeds that has reached a height of thirty (30) inches.

(b) Upon notification to the parish police jury that an owner of a lot or lots is in violation of section (a), the police jury will notify said owner by registered or certified letter notifying him of the violations and that the grass and obnoxious weeds must be cut and removed within fifteen (15) days after the receipt of registered or certified letter.

(c) If after fifteen (15) days the owner of said lot has not cut and removed the grass and obnoxious weeds, the police jury shall have authority to have such grass and obnoxious weeds cut and removed by a private contractor who will be chosen from the lowest quote or by the use of police jury manpower and equipment.

(d) The lot owner then will be charged twenty-five dollars ($25.00) per lot plus the cost of the private contractor, if a private contractor is used by the police jury. If the police jury uses its own manpower and equipment to cut and remove the grass and obnoxious weeds, the parish manager shall determine the cost. Upon completion of such work by a private contractor or by the police jury, the parish manager shall prepare a certificate showing the cost of such work, the name of the owner and a description of the property and shall mail a copy of said certificate to the property owner. If the charges are not paid within (15) days of the date of mailing of the copy of the certificate, the parish manager shall file a certified copy of said charges with the parish tax collector to be added to the annual ad valorem tax bill of the property involved.

(e) (Res of 8-1-7; Ord. of 6-21-88, 1; Ord. of 10-15-96)

(f) State law reference – Authority of above section, R.S. 33:1236(21).

Sample Permit Forms

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