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The mission of the Iberville Parish Animal Shelter & Control is to improve the community through the practice of compassion by saving and protecting animals, providing care and treatment, through education, advocate for their welfare and to enhance the human-animal bond.

The shelter holds lost animals for-owners-to reclaim, adopts out homeless animals and may quarantine dogs and cats that have bitten. In addition, they investigate complaints of cruelty and neglect of animals. The shelter accepts all stray animals turned over to them found in Iberville Parish, they accept owner surrenders or "owned" pets by availability and open kennels only.

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  • (225) 687-5881

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Iberville Parish Animal Control Shelter services include:
  • Investigation of animal cruelty, neglect, and abandonment cases
  • Enforcement of city and state laws specific to animals
  • Investigation of dog attacks
  • Picking up stray animals
  • Handling livestock at large
  • Removing snakes from residences
  • Delivering dog and cat traps
  • Picking up dead animals on local parish and municipal roadways
  • Providing low-cost pet adoptions
  • Holding an annual rabies vaccination program
  • Educating residents on the laws, responsibilities, and liabilities of owning a pet

Interested in adopting? Visit our Facebook page or our Petfinder page (Pets for Adoption at Iberville Parish Animal Shelter via Petfinder) to see some of our adoptable pets or stop by the Animal Shelter to see all pets available for adoption.

To get started, please complete a Pet Adoption form. If you know the name of the animal you're interested in, please write it in the designated area. If you do not know, please include breed, species, and size (i.e. kitten, cat, small dog, Pitbull, Chihuahua, etc.). Your application will be evaluated, a vet reference may be required, and we will get in touch with applicants who fit the best criteria for each type of dog/cat.

Can't adopt? There are other ways to help the homeless pets in the parish. Volunteer with us by helping with adoption events and/or fostering animals. You must be at least 18 years of age to volunteer. 

To get started, complete our Volunteer Waiver form. 


  • Dog Adoption, $100
  • Impound Fee, $35 (+ Boarding Fee, $10/per day)

*Proof of rabies vaccination is required prior to release of impounded dogs


  • Kitten Adoption, $50 
  • Cat Adoption, $30
  • Impound Fee, $15 (+ Boarding Fee, $10/per day)

*Proof of rabies vaccination is required prior to release of impounded cats


  • Impound Fee, $50 (+ Boarding Fee, $15/per day)
  • Trailer Travel Fee (if required), $25

*Proof of Coggins test is required prior to release of impounded livestock

State law requires that all dogs and cats over the age of four months be vaccinated against rabies. A licensed veterinarian must give the rabies vaccination. All dogs and cats must wear a collar with the rabies vaccination tag visibly displayed at all times.

The Iberville Parish Animal Control Shelter, in conjunction with local veterinarians, hosts an annual Rabies Vaccination Clinic. This clinic provides the Rabies vaccination at a reduced cost. Contact the Shelter at (225) 687-5881 regarding any vaccination questions.

Residence of Iberville Parish can owner surrender pets when there are open kennels available. In the event that our shelter is at maximum capacity, owner surrenders will be scheduled. ‘Owner releasing’ an animal requires filling out an ‘Owner Release’ form. This form states that you (as owner) are immediately terminating your rights and ownership of the animal to the shelter.

A description of the animal, current veterinarian records or any paperwork concerning the animal is appreciated upon release. Animals that are "Owner Surrendered" can immediately be transferred to a rescue, adopted to another person, or euthanized.

If bringing in an animal, please contact the shelter at (225) 687-5881 first.

It is the animal owner's responsibility to dispose of any dead animal that is located on their property. Proper burial, or disposal in a sufficient bag with the regular garbage pick-up is suitable.

To report dead animals on parish roads, call the Animal Control Shelter at (225) 687-5881

To report dead animals on state highways, please call (225) 687-3019 on the west bank or (225) 675-5315 on the east bank.

If you are experiencing a bee infestation, call your local exterminator. Iberville Parish Animal Control does not have the means or equipment to handle any problematic bees.

Wasps & Other Insects
If you are experiencing a wasp/insect infestation, call your local exterminator. Iberville Parish Animal Control does not have the means or equipment to handle any problematic insects.

Animal cruelty should be reported to the Animal Shelter at (225) 687-5881. Physical abuse of animals in progress, including organized dog fighting, constitutes an emergency.

Injured Animals
To report any injured animals, call the Shelter at (225) 687-5881. Please do not approach or handle any injured animal, for they can potentially bite if they are in pain.

Stray Animals
To report a stray animal for pick up, call the Shelter at (225) 687-5881. If the stray animal is friendly, tie it up or place it in a pen. If the stray animal is roaming the area, and you feel it is unsafe to handle, call the Shelter and request a trap.

Stray animals that are trapped or captured when at large have a five day holding period. After five days, all of the owner's rights to the animal are lost and the shelter is allowed to neuter/spay, then transfer, or adopt-out the animal.

To report any livestock not in a restricted area, call the Shelter at (225) 687-5881. If after business hours, please call 911.

To report a snake discovered in a residence, call the Shelter at (225) 687-5881. Someone in the residence must be able to show the Animal Control Officer the location of the snake when the officer arrives on scene. The Animal Control Officer is not allowed to move any furniture within a residence.

To report dog or cat bites, call the Shelter at (225) 687-5881. If after business hours, please call 911. A description of the incident, pictures, and reports will need to be fulfilled subsequent to any bite call.

To request a dog or cat trap, call the Shelter at (225) 687-5881. Dog and cat trap requests are handled on a first come, first serve basis. There is no charge to the property owner to have a trap put out on their property. All traps are distributed throughout Iberville Parish on Mondays and Tuesdays and all traps are picked up throughout the parish on Thursdays and Fridays.

Department Address:
59815 Bayou Road
Plaquemine, LA 70764

Office Hours:
Monday-Thursday, 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Friday, 7:00 a.m. - 3.30 p.m.