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The objective of the Iberville Parish Safety Department is to provide safe working conditions that are free from any recognized mechanical/health hazards that would threaten a safe environment for Parish employees and the community citizens.

The mission of the department is to manage and/or administer a parish-wide employee/pubic safety program. This program is committed to the prevention of injury, illness, and property damage throughout the Parish.

Additional resources directly related to public safety, emergency response and crime in Iberville Parish are provided below. For information pertaining to Covid-19 mandates and prevention, click here.

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Dept. Director Gail Salvadras

  • (225) 687-5190

Additional Info

To accomplish our mission, the Safety/Occupational Health Division performs the following functions:
  • Plan & implement safety policies and procedures in compliance with local, state, and federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration rules and regulations.
  • Plan and implement programs to train supervisors and employees in work site safety practices, fire prevention and correct handling techniques of chemicals, toxins, equipment, and other materials.
  • Prepare studies and analyses of accident causes and hazards to health, for use by parish council employees.
  • Inspect parish facilities to detect existing or potential accident and health hazards, determine corrective or preventive measures where indicated, and follow up to ensure measures have been implemented.
  • Provide information, signs, posters, barriers, and other materials to warn of potential and actual safety hazards and to prevent access to hazardous conditions.
  • Lead the investigation of accidents and injuries and cooperates in the preparation of material and evidence for parish use in hearings, lawsuits, and insurance investigations.
  • Compile and submit accident reports required by regulatory agencies.
  • Work with Human Resources in the administration of workers’ compensation program, including working with the insurance carrier to represent the parish in community or industry safety groups and programs.
  • Maintain safety files and records.
  • Maintain street regulatory and warning signs.
  • Inspect trees on parish right-of-way
  • Inspect street signs and street lights


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Need to report criminal activity?
Call the Sheriff's Office at (225) 687-5100.

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Fire Departments
  • Grosse Tete
    18105 Willow Street, Grosse Tete, LA 70740
    p. (225) 648-2131
  • Maringouin
    10660 2nd Street, Maringouin, LA 70757
    p. (225) 625-2788
  • Plaquemine
    58165 Meriam Street, Plaquemine, LA 70764
    p. (225) 687-7335
  • Rosedale
    15710 LA-77, Rosedale, LA 70772
    p. (225) 648-2804
  • St. Gabriel
    2075 E Hwy 30, St. Gabriel, LA 70776
    p. (225) 642-9980
  • White Castle
    32525 Bowie Street, White Castle, LA 70788
    p. (225) 545-9214

Police Departments
  • Grosse Tete
    18125 Willow Street, Grosse Tete, LA 70740
    p. (225) 648-2131
  • Maringouin
    77655 Landry Drive, Maringouin, LA 70757
    p. (225) 625-2879
  • Plaquemine
    23540 Railroad Avenue, Plaquemine, LA 70764
    p. (225) 687-9273
  • Rosedale
    76535 HWY 76, Rosedale, LA 70772
    p. (225) 648-2333
  • St. Gabriel
    6924 LA-74, St. Gabriel, LA 70776
    p. (225) 642-5222
  • White Castle
    32535 Bowie Street, White Castle, LA 70788
    p. (225) 545-2484

Sheriff's Department
  • Maringouin Substation
    77180 Ridgewood Drive, Maringouin, LA 70757
    p. (225) 625-2365
  • Plaquemine Substation
    58050 Meriam Street, Plaquemine, LA 70764
    p. (225) 687-5100
  • St. Gabriel Substation
    2085 Highway 30, St. Gabriel, LA 70775
    p. (225) 642-5703

Department Address:
58050 Meriam Street
Plaquemine, LA 70764

Office Hours:
Monday-Thursday, 7:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Friday, 7:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.