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Emergency Assistance

Iberville Parish does everything it can to be prepared and to help prepare its residents in the event of an emergency. If you believe that you will require assistance because of a medical/special need during a hurricane, flood, or natural disaster of any type, please complete the Emergency Assistance Form below so that we can be aware of any needs that exist in our community.

Information submitted here is for the purposes of planning and coordinating emergency responses. Your information will not be shared with unauthorized personnel or organizations. Release of this information to authorized agencies and personnel (which may include first responders such as local fire departments, police and/or sheriff’s departments; shelter personnel; emergency operations managers, etc.) will occur only for the purpose of effecting the delivery of aid to enrollees.

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*Enrolling in the registry should never be considered the only action necessary to prepare for disasters, nor does it ensure prompt and thorough response after a disaster strikes. For additional resources on how to be prepared, visit the Emergency Preparedness page.