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General Services

At the Department of General Services, our mission is clear: to uphold the integrity of our community's ordinances, licenses, permits, and technical regulations. As caretakers of these vital documents, we guarantee their safekeeping and manage their distribution, monitoring, and enforcement in strict compliance with applicable regulations. Additionally, we take pride in our pivotal role in coordinating and advancing the economic development objectives of our parish, fostering a thriving and prosperous community for all.

This entails offering guidance to the Planning and Zoning Commission and providing essential support to help them carry out their duties effectively. Additionally, the director is responsible for maintaining and updating the Zoning Map and other relevant maps essential to the department's operations. They also oversee the entire process of applying for federal housing grants, from managing the paperwork to acquiring properties as per the regulations outlined in the Charter and state laws. Lastly, the Director takes charge of addressing various activities, managing animal control, and handling health concerns within the parish.

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Dept. Director Kyle

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